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We Can Safely Destroy Your Sensitive Documents

Sensitive Documents Shredding in Dallas-Fort Worth areaShredding services have long been utilized by large businesses and corporations to dispose of customers’ sensitive data and financial information safely. But it is just as important to destroy your personal files to help reduce the threat of identity theft. Secure On-Site Shredding is proud to provide professional residential shredding services to individuals throughout Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. We aim to provide secure and compliant information destruction services to our clients regardless of the nature or scope of their files and documents. As an AAA-certified member of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID), we are committed to safely and effectively destroying your personal materials to ensure they do not get into the wrong hands. Call us today to learn more about shredding services for residential customers.

Understanding Residential Paper Shredding Services

If you have ever worked in an office building, you have likely discarded your organization’s sensitive files in dedicated consoles or carts – some of them may have even been our containers. On a regular basis, a shredding company will retrieve these papers and files to safely destroy them, thus keeping all secure and proprietary information private. But this concept is not exclusive to businesses and corporations. You should keep your personal information private, too. You may have boxes or file cabinets full of your family’s medical information, tax records, legal documents, and more. When you no longer need these files, do not merely discard them in the trash can you pull to the street every week. Such an action would leave you vulnerable to identity theft or other issues. Instead, take advantage of residential paper shredding services from On-Site Secure Shredding. We can help with one-time clean-out purge projects or arrange for a recurring service in the DFW metroplex if your needs justify regular use. To make things quick and easy, you can also bring your documents to our facility in Richardson, TX for drop-off shredding services.

Why You Should Choose Secure On-Site Shredding

Small businesses, large companies, and individuals throughout Dallas and Fort Worth, TX trust Secure On-Site Shredding. For nearly two decades, we have proven ourselves to be an industry leader by delivering safe, secure shredding services for all of our clients’ sensitive documents. Not only that, but we can also safely destroy hard drives and electronic media. If you have proprietary information that you need to keep private, you can rely on our team. We are HIPAA-compliant and AAA NAID certified. Whether you have a single box of files that you need to destroy or cabinets full of documents, our expert staff can help. We can shred on-site and provide a Certificate of Destruction or welcome you to our drop-off facility for fast, convenient shredding.

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For decades, businesses and individuals alike have understood the importance of protecting sensitive information and data. Medical files, financial statements, and legal documents should be stored safely and securely to prevent breaches. It is why many such documents are kept under lock and key. These files should be treated with the same care even when you no longer need them. Merely throwing papers and hard drives in a garbage can is not enough to ensure safety. When you are ready to discard your personal files and materials, rely on the team at Secure On-Site Shredding for residential shredding services. We have extensive experience protecting our customers’ proprietary information and will guarantee yours is destroyed swiftly and effectively. Our coverage area encompasses everywhere within approximately 100 miles of Richardson, TX, so if you are in Dallas or Fort Worth and need residential paper shredding services, contact us today.

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