Drop-Off and Watch Shredding Services in Richardson, TX And Watch Your Documents Being Destroyed!!!

Drop-Off Shredding Services in Richardson

Drop-offs are now Monday -Thursday 3 pm-4 pm

$15 per banker’s box or equivalent-sized containers (1.5 cubic feet, or 15” L x 12” W x 10” H)

$15 Per loose hard drive $30 if we need to remove it from the device bring us the entire device and we will destroy the memory and recycle the entire device thus keeping it out of our landfills

Hard Drive Shredding Drop-Off

As you or your business acquire new computers or upgrade technology, properly disposing of your old technology is key to ensuring your information stays secure. Simply erasing or reformatting old hard drives can still leave you or your business vulnerable to sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. Hard drive destruction is the only completely secure way to dispose of your old technology.

If you need hard drives shredded today, come by our Richardson, TX, facility. We use a thorough, secure process to ensure your information is protected. We scan your hard-drive serial numbers and provide a list of them along with a Certificate of Destruction.

Document Shredding Drop-Off And Witness

Shredding documents is an important way to increase the security of your home or business, keeping sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. Whether you’re handling information about your business finances, confidential court cases, or your own identity, shredding documents that are no longer needed will improve your security. Our document shredding drop-off site in Richardson, TX, provides an easy, secure way to dispose of those unneeded documents. Secure On-site Shredding has been serving Texas residents for 20 years with safe, secure shredding services.

How much do the other Paper Shredding Services charge per pound to shred? (1.5 standard cubic box weighs approximately 30 pounds)

Company Services Price
FedEx Drop-off service uses Iron Mountain to do actual shredding, therefore, you cannot witness the destruction $0.99 per pound or $29.97 /box
UPS Drop-off services, uses Iron Mountain for shredding, therefore, you cannot witness the destruction $0.95 – $3 per pound
Staples In-store shredding $0.99 per pound or $29.97 /box

We charge $15 per standard cubic ft. box, plus you get to witness the destruction! Half the price as our competitors!
We look forward to working with you soon!

When you drop off your documents at our secure facility, we’ll shred the documents while you watch and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction. Drop off your documents or hard drives for destruction at our Richardson, TX, facility today or call us at (214) 509-0134 to schedule an on-site visit!

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