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IT Asset Management for IT Software

IT asset management services are a reliable way to track and manage IT assets to ensure that each is used, maintained, upgraded, and disposed of safely and properly. At Secure On-Site Shredding, we offer comprehensive, reliable, and efficient asset management for IT hardware in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. We also offer hard drive destruction, document and material shredding services, data and document storage, and IT asset disposition services. Our goal is to make it easy and convenient for your company to stay in compliance with federal and state rules and regulations associated with asset management and disposition. Call us today to schedule a consultation or request an estimate for secure IT asset disposition services.

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What Are Secure IT Asset Disposition Services?

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Electronics and IT asset disposition services are a method of securely, safely, and confidentially destroying, disposing of, or recycling electronics that are no longer needed. Asset disposition services typically include hardware storage, IT asset redeployment, onsite or off-site data destruction and document shredding, equipment recycling, and hardware resale. We allow you to pick and choose the specific services you need and schedule recurring, one-time, or as-needed or on-demand services. We help you address the following concerns:

  • Aging or obsolete equipment.
  • Multi-location assets.
  • Demand for faster data services.
  • Data security issues.
  • Technology refreshes.
  • Improved floor space, cooling systems, and power needs for new technology.
  • Lost assets.
  • Vendor services.
  • Decommissioning assets and gear.

What Are Texas’s IT Asset Management Requirements?

Companies across industries must comply with data security, information privacy, and environmental protection rules and regulations. All companies must meet compliance for:

  • Data security.
  • Information privacy.
  • Environmental protection.
  • Traceability.
  • Compliance.
  • Redeployment.
  • Remarketing.
  • Recycling.
  • Circular economy.

In order to maintain compliance with Texas’ IT asset management requirements, you should choose a company that offers:

  • Compliance with EPA and NIST standards – You must choose an IT asset management and IT asset disposition service that adheres to EPA and NIST regulations. This means they must safely and reliably dispose of your IT assets and remove all old data from the media. They must ensure you comply with environmental safety, data security, and privacy laws.
  • On-site data destruction – Onsite or mobile data destruction is convenient, cost-effective, and efficient. The company will send a vehicle to your business and destroy confidential data and documents in your presence.
  • Site decommissioning and relocation – If you are relocating or shutting down a worksite, you need a company that offers site decommissioning and relocation services. The company will return services to their original state, remove cable and fire suppression elements, decommission and relocate assets, wipe and/or destroy assets, and handle logistics, packing, and shipping of IT assets.
  • Data erasure – Data erasure and hard drive destruction is the complete and secure data removal from electronic devices.
  • Certified recycling – A certified recycling program includes pick up and drop off company collection bins. The company should be able to handle electronic recycling safely, securely, and according to the law.

Maintain Compliance with IT Asset Management Risks and Controls

Companies across industries should have internal IT asset management risks and controls. This ensures you remain compliant with all federal and state requirements and avoid fees, fines, and other consequences of non-compliance. IT asset management risks and controls should include:

  • Asset identification – This is a detailed inventory of all IT assets owned by the company across locations.
  • Asset tracking – This is organized, monitored tracking of IT assets. Most companies use an ITAM tool that collects information like financial, contractual, and inventory data.
  • Asset maintenance – IT asset management is completed in accordance with the asset’s lifestyle stage and includes asset repairs, upgrades, and replacements.

The risks and controls should also account for all stages of an IT asset lifestyle, including:

  • Planning – This involves making decisions about the assets needed, how they will be used, and the best way to acquire them. It includes completing a cost-benefit analysis and total cost of ownership analysis.
  • Procurement – This is the acquisition of assets by buying, licensing, renting, or building them.
  • Deployment – This is the installation and integration of assets across the company.
  • Maintenance – This is the maintenance, upkeep, upgrades, and repairs of all IT assets.
  • Retirement – This occurs at the end of an asset’s lifestyle when it is too old to be efficient and effective any longer. Retirement involves wiping or erasing, recycling, or disposing of assets.

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