Secure shredding containers in DFW 36″ Executive Console – 20″ D x 20″ W x 36″ H

Secure On-Site Shredding provides a variety of containers to choose from: The perfect collection station of confidential material

  • Attractive
  • Economical
  • Key locked
  • Dual purpose
  • Compact

Superior Security

Documents to be destroyed or deposited into a locked container and collected on a regular basis by a Secure On-Site Shredding technician.

65-96 Gallon Cart – 24″ Wide

65-96 Gallon Cart – 24″ wide shredding bin in DFW

It is important to safeguard your company’s proprietary information not only from competitors but also from unauthorized personnel within your organization.

After reviewing a document simply slide it through the slit in the security cart’s lid. The cart’s sturdy built-in lock ensures the document cannot be retrieved without a key.

Security carts will enable you to further improve your company’s data destruction program, strengthen security levels and instill good company security habits. You will have confidence knowing that your proprietary information is protected until it is destroyed.

The cart easily maneuvers in tight office spaces, through doorways and onto elevators.

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