One-Time Clean-Out Purge Projects in Dallas-Fort Worth

One-Time Clean-Out Purge service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area

We Can Help You Securely Shred Your Sensitive Files

Whether you are running a business or compiling financial information for personal use, it is imperative to shred your documents at the completion of a project. We serve individuals and business clients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area by providing thorough, secure on-site shredding services. Our team has been operating in the region for 20 years, so you can rest assured we are the experts and can guarantee the security of your sensitive files. That is why we also offer one-time clean-outs or purges of secure data. Call us today to learn more about our secure information collection services.

Secure Shredding Services Are Vital to Your Business

Shredding services are critical for the security and reliability of your business operations. Your customers depend on you to keep their private information safe. When you have close working relationships with clients, you may gain access to all kinds of personal records. You might receive financial statements, medical history, contact information, and various other documents that should remain confidential. Simply throwing this information in the community dumpster is dangerous to you and your customers.

One-Time Purges Can Help Keep You Organized

We recognize that not every person or business will amass an abundance of sensitive information on a weekly or even monthly basis. Sometimes, you accumulate records and documents during a project or ordeal that you will never need to access again upon its completion. In those instances, our one-time clean-out or purge services are ideal. We can even help you organize your files for destruction by providing a lockable storage container. This is considered a sort purge. It allows our customers time to sort through their documents to organize what needs to be destroyed.

Contact Secure On-Site Shredding Today

We offer one-time clean-out or purge shredding services to customers throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In fact, we will come to you anywhere within 100 miles of our Richardson, TX facility. Contact us today to schedule a secure data collection service.

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