Secure & Personalized Shredding Services in Dallas Fort Worth

The Company Literally Tearing It Up!

It is our pleasure to provide the Dallas Fort Worth Area with the absolute best in confidential record destruction. Did you know that last year there were over 54 million cases of identity theft? We can help your business keep their confidential records safe from identity thieves.

Read more about our services including:

  • Containers: We offer a variety of attractive, compact, dual purpose, and economical containers that are all locked with a key. Simply place any documents you wish to be destroyed through the slit in the container and we will do the rest!
  • Hard Drives: Our hard drive shredding truck will come to your facility where our service technician will shred any hard drives right before your eyes and even provide you with a list of all the destroyed hard drive serial numbers for your records.
  • Data and Document Storage: Instead of just destroying your documents, we also can provide you with an electronic safe-space to keep them off-site. Through scanning, document indexing, and document conversion we can help you minimize storage costs and optimize access to information.
  • Recycling: Keep your environment healthy! We pride ourselves in being an eco-friendly company that uses advanced procedures for all material that we shred to make sure it is recycled responsibly!
  • Saturday Shred times: Are your shredding needs pretty minor?Join us the first Saturday of the month for a shred party. Find out more details about time and location by clicking here now!

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Why Choose Us?

  • Our Trucks Shred On-Site
  • Personal Service For All Business Types
  • Available For Fund Raising & Community Events