Best Shredding Company and Offers Excellent Customer Service

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Due to high security levels within the company for which I work, we have to meet stellar control standards. It was my job to select a shredding company that we could trust. I was referred to Secure On-Site Shredding by a friend of mine, so I attended one of their Saturday Shred Events held the first Saturday of every month. First, this is a great opportunity for the community to shred documents and, second, an opportunity for me to witness first-hand how Secure On-Site Shredding functions and ask a myriad of questions. I found Secure On-Site Shredding to be an outstanding shredding company, and the Saturday Shred Event was fast, thorough, inexpensive, secure and painless. The owner, Kathryn, whom I met, actually cares about her customers and sets the standard for professionalism, attentiveness and courtesy. After contacting some of their customers for references, it seems Secure On-Site Shredding provides a reliable service and lives up to their mission statement. Their pricing is very competitive, and there are no hidden costs or surcharges. I think the level of dedicated customer service is the reason for their success, which seems unparalleled in this market place. I did a lot of research on Secure On-Site and other shredding companies and, as a result, I did your work for you. You can trust when I say that Secure On-Site Shredding is highly recommended to any company looking for a quality shredding company and a secure shredding associate you can trust.

Fran Dubuisson Dallas, TX November 18, 2019